The UFCW 135 union memes and artwork

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Mickey has caused a lot of harm to many people. Those memes that are harsh are here to allow the collection to be as complete as possible.

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A deep thanks and credit to the UFCW union artists and community members that made this site a reality by sharing of their artwork.

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The child that is pointing at his genitals is referring to the depositions and moles can be reviewed in the legal documents yourself. The deposition pg. 34-37 is where the moles are. Mickey’s moles on his penis?  How does details like this come out? The victim describes it in detail. There were others of memes made about this but I can’t post those due to it being x-rated content.

See the page to the article.



Kasparian tries to suppress voting in the union election process by scheduling it right before Christmas. Members upset about it created this meme to express their frustration.


Kasparian’s secretary Francine Woods denied members their right to have nomination petitions and left them in the lobby to wait hours until closing of the union office.





This meme came out when a member of store 2338 uploaded a photo of the union representatives calling card showing a different secretary treasurer Hackworth, and misrepresenting the facts of who holds that position. The position is held by Richard Barrera which collects a full salary while barely working part time at the union. (see meme below)


Mickey Kasparian’s pet secretary treasurer right hand man Richard Barrera admits to working less than part time at UFCW 135 in sworn testimony deposition pg.95 #16 and receives a full salary. Now if corruption means what I think it means, this guy is waaay beyond that.



Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones



This meme came out right after Mickey Kasparian’s message of protecting the union by reelecting him so he can keep his job


This meme was posted when this union representative was caught lying and out of frustration started threatening members because their questions were about the scandals of UFCW135. The members say he uses sexist, derogatory terms thinking they are expressions of endearment.





Mickey uses the Union Stewards Conference to take advantage of a captive audience to campaign the members for his reelection. Members feel the fear mongering will persuade those that are scared to vote for him. This meme is said to be accurate as it has been prior practice.


Members clown Kasparian’s campaign website contact form and posts it in facebook


Children of UFCW 135 union member’s are aware of the issues that Mickey Kasparian has created and the problems that affect their parents. They create artwork to express their feelings of the controversy.



UFCW International President Marc Perrone turned a blind eye, ignoring the sexual misconduct of his vice president Mickey Kasparian. The members of UFCW 135 made this meme questioning if there is blackmail towards each other or some collusion that paralyzed Marc Perrone to morally act and take action.



Mickey Kasparian settles all of the civil lawsuits against him using dues money and later raises dues $2 on the members of his union. The members were very angry and made this meme.



These union reps condone the Mickey’s misconduct condoning the sexual misconduct committed by Mickey. They fear for their jobs and are standing behind Mickey. The union members created this meme to replicate the cowardice and corruption.



This must be how it is at the union office from the acts of brown nosing by the union reps.



Poor Chucky Cheese got dragged into Mickey’s garbage



This meme was created out of frustration the Democratic Central Committee’s leader Jessica Hayes was turning a blind eye to Kasparian’s indiscretions for the chance to get union dues money contributions from Kasparian.




This artwork was created when the Tres Hermanas battled against Kasparian seeking justice





Union members protested the UFCW international convention because of Mickey Kasparian




Union members protest Kasparian at the Union Hall



The San Diego Reader publication clowns Kasparian and the UFCW



This meme ridicules Mickey’s attempt to smear Todd Walters as a home invader by filing an expensive frivolous lawsuit to use as a campaigning tool at the expense of the union membership





A meme depicting Mickey Kasparian’s methods of fear mongering to distract union members attention so they are not able to notice his weakness in negotiations.



Flyer with graveyard window
Members create this meme to show the benefits of the union contract that have been lost through the tenure of Kasparian’s negotiations



politicartoon flyer
Members express their dissatisfaction of Kasparian’s incompetence in negotiations



Lori Kern, UFCW 135’s communications director bans members from the unions site for having an opinion not in line with Kasparian’s agenda. Frustrated members created this meme showing the cowardice injustice.



Union members created this meme highlighting the long stall in negotiations with Riteaid in the attempt to create pressure and fear among Riteaid workers





This meme gives reference to the merger scam that Kasparian hid in a very small 2″x2″ caption to dissuade members to participate and vote down the merger which would have allowed Kasparian to not have to have a union election process allowing him a free term in office. Kasparian knows what he did so in fear of losing the election, he did the merger scam. Now everybody knows his tricks.





Kasparian was in the stores trying to feel out the membership to see what his chances are in an election. Members suspected that he would not have an election allowing Marc Perrone the international UFCW president to take over and appoint him a job at the international.









Mickey Kasparian behind curtain
This meme depicts reality in reference to The Wizard of Oz



Members frustrated with continuous losses and concessions by Mickey’s horrible negotiation skills make this meme.



A San Diego publication clowns Kasparian again.


Early bird gets the mole
Another meme making humor of the moles





This meme was created after the sworn testimony of a victim identifying moles on Kasparian’s genitals. This was the turning point in which Kasparian settled the lawsuits against him with some insurance and a large portion union dues money.




This meme shows Darryl Fountain a union rep that is known as the king of brown nosers for Kasparian. He is a womanizer and likes to make derogatory remarks against women thinking that it is ok. He also will lie to cover himself at any cost to look good in front of anybody.



When Todd Walters came out to challenge Kasparian, the members created this meme to show the tides are changing to wipe out Kasparian’s reign of misrepresentations.



If you google search ” Mickey Kasparian ”  all the information about his misconduct will show. Search it and see what shows up.



This meme came out when this member from Food4less showed up on social media cussing and screaming at a customer for trying to educate the members at her store about the atrocities of the union. She was then made steward of the quarter by Kasparian for her compliance.




This art represents the dues money that Kasparian spends freely on his personal agenda and political gains.










This meme came out after the payout of her lawsuit by union dues money 2 months after the lawsuit was filed. The victim’s description of events in her deposition was graphic.



This meme clowns the disturbing culture at the union office.








On Cesar Chavez day, Union reps flip off the community of Barrio Logan at a rally march